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Donizetti's The Elixir of Love at the London Coliseum
Mary Queen of Scots London tickets
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Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance at the London Coliseum

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London Opera and Classical Tickets

Opera is such a profound art form due to how it uniquely reflects the human experience, blending music, stage presentation, and narrative to emphasise the power of the human voice in telling stories. You can be part of it by purchasing London opera tickets.

Opera's uniqueness lies in its vivid storytelling, live performances brimming with raw emotion, and the genre's subtle vibrancy. It showcases human themes like love, hatred, jealousy, violence, and passion in a melodramatic manner. The human voice is the focus, making each performance a one-of-a-kind expression. Furthermore, opera has evolved in recent years to include visually stunning elements. Opera singers undergo extensive training to achieve vocal mastery, filling large auditoriums with their thunderous voices. West End opera has long since been a magical experience for lovers of theatre, and is a breath of fresh air in the digital streaming age.

What are the best operas in London?

For opera lovers, it’s good news, as London has a bustling opera scene hosted by several specialist venues. Some of the best operas in London are performed at the Royal Opera House, the English National Opera (ENO), and the Glyndebourne Festival Opera. The specific operas and performances can vary, so it’s a good idea to check our list of operas for current productions and upcoming shows, and also to check out our last-minute operas

What operas are on in London?

Current operas available to see in London and running into 2024 are Duke Bluebeard’s Castle, The Handmaid’s Tale, Jenufa and The Magic Flute. Our list of London operas above is frequently updated with all of the best and freshest operas in London, and you can also get great prices on discounted tickets for operas

What are some new operas in London?

New operas come and go frequently in London, and they are all worth the watch (and the listen). The English National Opera (ENO) in particular regularly bring out new operas, and new takes on classic stories. To stay up to date on what the current operas on the London scene are, you can check out if there are any new operas, or take a look at the list above of the current operas in London that we are selling.